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Fancy the idea of working from your shack – or making your shack work for you? We know the place.

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If there’s one good thing that has come from the Covid lockdowns it’s the discovery made by many of us that it can be quite feasible and convenient to work remotely, avoiding public transport and busy offices, using a good internet connection in your principal residence – or even in your holiday shack.


That discovery has led to a growing trend of real estate purchases away from big cities towards regional and remote places around Australia.


Tasmania’s beautiful Bruny Island is one of those places.


The island, just a half-hour drive from Hobart and a 15-minute ferry crossing from the picturesque little port of Kettering, has a long and treasured beach-side shack culture that goes back a century and more, with generations of southern Tasmanians enjoying their shacks on weekends and school holidays.


In past years, the traditional activities for people who called Bruny Island home were farming, fruit-growing, fishing and forestry, but more recently, the rapid growth of the island’s burgeoning tourism industry has attracted more property owners to Bruny, often to work in businesses that cater for the increasing numbers of visitors.


Along with that change has been an increase in the number of people who use their island residences to work from home, whether it’s part-time or on a permanent basis. They’ve found that it’s a great way to achieve an enviable work/life balance – perhaps spending the morning in online meetings with clients or in touch with a head office somewhere else in Australia; then later being able to take an afternoon walk in a forest or on a wild ocean beach, just a minute or so away from the computer. The key requirement of course is having a decent internet connection. The service from some providers can be patchy in certain spots on Bruny, but many Bruny Islanders are now using Elon Musk’s amazing Starlink, which isn’t cheap but is outstandingly fast and reliable.


This trend towards regional Australia is one reason for the increasing interest in real estate purchases on Bruny Island, where the whole range of property, from rustic shacks to high-end homes, from seaside blocks to acreages, is in high demand.


Some buyers are using their Bruny base as a part-time or full-time home office. Others are generating good incomes by renting their properties for short-term accommodation, employing one of the island’s management businesses to service them. (Whenever the owners need some island time, it’s easy to block out a few days on the booking calendar.)


Some buyers find the perfect piece of land and build on it – there are several excellent local builders on Bruny Island. Depending on the zoning, it’s possible to build a residence plus a separate accommodation unit on the same piece of land, which ticks all the boxes – an island home and an adjacent business.


If you can see the benefits of finding a spot on Bruny and making your property earn its keep, talk to us about what’s on offer on the island right now.

Looking to buy, sell, or rent so that you can be working from Bruny Island?

At Fall Real Estate, we are happy to provide a number of real estate services across Bruny Island. Request a sales appraisal through our experienced property agent and Bruny Island local, Jude Viney, or sign up to our property alerts to be kept up-to-date on all things Bruny Island real estate.

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Fall Real Estate Fancy the idea of working from your shack – or making your shack work for you? We know the place.

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