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By Katrina Arkley |  7 Minute Read

Looking for something to do this weekend? How about finally tackling one of those home projects you have been putting off? Using this time to cross some of those items off your list will make for a smooth transition into the summer months.  Look at some of the easy projects you will be sure to finish in a weekend!

Start a herb garden

There is never a better time than today to start our gardening activities. For those of you who love cooking at home and are avid herb enthusiasts, this is a great time to create your own herb garden and avoid those last-minute trips to the store! Many supermarkets and hardware stores sell herb seeds and small plants that can quickly blossom and thrive. Whether it be in raised veggie gardens, a nice section on your deck or even a collection of small pots on your windowsill, there are plenty of ways to get fresh herbs growing in and around your home.

Deep clean your home

It’s been ingrained in our minds how important it is these days to keep sanitizing and disinfecting our homes, but you should take the time to move beyond that and dive in deeper. Get into all those spots you’ve frequently missed and scrub down your shower, bath, bathroom and kitchen sinks, drains, toilets, cupboards, and kitchen appliances. Toss those bath and kitchen mats into the washer, shiny up those wood floors, and top it all off with a nice vacuuming.

Install new kitchen or bathroom hardware

Are you in need of a quick kitchen fix that will instantly modernise the entire space? Swapping out your old hardware for some chic new ones is an easy DIY that will make your kitchen feel brand-new.  You can also easily swap out your old shower head for a larger one to create a spa-like experience the next time you shower!

Clean out the fridge

Refrigerators are just one of those not-so-frequently cleaned areas in your home. Really cleaning the fridge is more than just wiping down the shelves. You’ll need to remove all the food. Be sure to pop it into an esky to keep it chilled for a bit – especially the frozen foods. As you empty the fridge, check expiration dates and throw out any old condiments that you didn’t know were expired. Once your fridge is empty, wipe down every surface with a food-safe cleaner. If you don’t have one, you can make your own.  When your fridge is clean, return the foods to the fridge with the soonest expiration date in the front and the ones not likely to expire soon in the back.

Pain interior and exterior doors

One of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh look is by making over the interior doors Update boring, plain doors by adding trim and fresh paint, or refinishing them a new colour and style.  This season, painting your outside doors a fun and bright colour like a robin’s egg blue or bright yellow is a great way to add colour to your home!


Whether you want to test your gardening skills by making an herb garden or want to put your organising ability to good use, there are plenty of projects around your home that you can get done in just a weekend!


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