How to maximise space in a small kitchen

By Katrina Arkley |  5 Minute Read

Have you found your dream home, but the kitchen size is less than desirable? Don’t worry! There are so many ways to organise your kitchen and surrounding areas to maximize space and minimise worry.

Make Use of Open Wall Space

When you have a small space it's important to make use of any space you have.  Open wall space is a great place to start. You should consider hanging hooks to store your pots and pans. If you are lacking in bench space, consider using a magnetic knife strip instead of a knife block.  You can also store lids to pans here as well.

Add a Shelf Above Your Benches

Consider adding a shelf above your benches for optimal storage.  You can store small things here like plates, coffee mugs, or pans. This will free up space in your benches and leave your kitchen more organised.

Purchase Drawer Organisers and Storage Bins

Throwing all your kitchen supplies into a drawer will leave you unorganised and with little space.  Consider purchasing a drawer organiser for your kitchen utensils and bins to organize your pantry. This also might clear up some space on your kitchen benches.

Add Shelving on the Back of Cupboard Doors

Dishes and pantry items can only be stacked so high before cupboards start to feel totally unorganised. Most cupboards never seem to have enough permanent shelves, so the best solution to get the most storage is adding expandable shelves or even baskets that hang just below the shelf.


When you have minimal kitchen space to prep, work, and cook on, every square metre is precious.  These organisation tips should help make room in your kitchen and leave you feeling like you have a new space.


DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not legal or professional advice and therefore is intended as a guide only.

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