A guide to buying or selling a home at Christmas

What exactly are the benefits of buying or selling a house at Christmas?

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There’s a good reason why the weeks leading up to Christmas are known as the silly season. Most of us are frantically busy hanging up tinsel and fairy lights, planning parties, and shopping for gifts. Major life decisions such as buying or selling a house tend to be put on the backburner over the Christmas and New Year period.

However, house-hunters who are serious about buying always keep a close eye on the property market. Online listings and smartphones have changed the game and allow potential buyers to regularly scroll the latest homes for sale – even as they stand in line at a department store or wait for their mince pies to warm.

That has led more and more people to wonder: "Is selling my house at Christmas a good idea”

Let us try and answer that question for you.

Is Christmas a good time to sell your house?

The benefits of selling your home over Christmas:

Motivated buyers

Those who are in the market at this time of year are more likely to be serious about purchasing a property and will often want to move quickly. They could be driven by the desire to move into a new home before Christmas, unpack all their boxes before heading back to work, or enrol their kids at the local school before term begins. No matter the individual’s motivation, selling at this time could attract eager buyers.

Greater access to agents

With some people choosing to postpone their buying and selling until after the holiday season, property agents have more time available. They’ll be in a position to offer additional guidance and tailored advice to help you market your home in the best way and find the right buyer.

TOP TIP: Get an agent. Finding a suitable buyer takes time, energy and experience – so it makes sense to let a professional do the hard work for you. Many agents will already have suitable buyers waiting in the wings, which could lead to a fast, easy sale. What a Christmas gift that would be!

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Fewer listings 

With fewer houses on the market over Christmas and New Year, sellers stand to benefit. Putting your property on the market at this time of year has the potential to increase competition among buyers and may result in higher offers on your property.


We all lead increasingly busy lives with countless demands on our time. Daily work, school drop-offs and pick-ups, and Saturday morning sport fixtures can all prevent interested buyers from attending open homes.

Summer holidays can often mean a break from those commitments, leaving people with more time to browse listings, inspect properties and make a purchase.

Christmas charm

Who doesn’t love a bit of holiday cheer? Decorations, scented candles, or even a festive outdoor dining setting can all tap into a buyer’s desire to settle in a new home.

Set yourself apart by using the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas to enhance the appeal of your property – and don’t underestimate the power of a bright, sunny summer day!

Is Christmas a good time to buy a house

The benefits of buying a new home at Christmas:

Less competition

Vendors who have their home listed at this time of year are often highly motivated to sell. It’s common for vendors to buy and sell in the same market, and if they have already purchased there may be increased pressure to sell quickly.

Selling a home can be hard work. It requires photos and marketing, preparing for open homes, and lots of complex paperwork. Vendors often want to wrap up that process quickly and enjoy the holiday season, comfortable in the knowledge that their house sale is complete.

As a buyer, that’s a big advantage because there may be more opportunity to negotiate a price for immediate purchase.

Motivated sellers

Many buyers may drop out of the market over the summer to travel or spend time with friends and family. That means there’s less competition for properties and a greater opportunity for you to secure your perfect home.

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Greater access to agents

With the property market moving more slowly over Christmas and New Year, you may find that real estate agents are able to take a little longer to chat with you about your requirements, and can give more time and attention to helping you find your perfect property.

TOP TIP: Get an agent. No matter how keen you are to buy a property, it’s a real drag to spend all your spare time searching listings and setting up inspections. Enlisting the support of an agent can make the process smoother and help you get ahead of the game. They’ll notify you if anything relevant hits the market – often before it even goes online.

Seasonal sales

The cost of purchasing a property often doesn’t end with the bricks and mortar. If you’re a first-time buyer or moving into a bigger house, you’ll need furniture, whitegoods, homewares and personal touches to help it feel like home.

Buying a property over the holiday period affords you the opportunity to take advantage of seasonal sales and heavily discounted goods, which can make a real difference to your overall spend.

So, is Christmas a good time to buy or sell your house?

If a house is priced right and it fits what a buyer is looking for, there will be a market for it no matter the time of the year.

But there are definite benefits to buying and selling over the holiday season.

Call us to have a chat with our friendly team about your options and how we can help you make the most of these advantages.

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DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not legal or professional advice and therefore is intended as a guide only.

Knowing whether buying or selling your house at Christmas time is just the first step in preparing your property for sale - read on below to discover more tips and recommendations.

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